Less Treatment Time Means More Play Time!

When it comes to Hair Removal Liverpool, there is one laser system that can beat all of the rest: The Schnelle AW3 with its Crystal Freeze technology. What is great about this Liverpool laser hair removal system is that it is faster than its competitors and less treatment time means more play time!

Less Treatment Time Means More Play Time!

There is a good reason why our Liverpool Laser Hair Removal system is known as “Schnelle”: this is the word that means “Fast” in German. Its 10HZ super flashing speed lets it achieve shorter treatment time compared with other Liverpool laser hair removal treatments. In fact, a full leg treatment take as short a time as a face treatment does on other systems, making the Schnelle AW3 arguably the fastest and most versatile laser hair removal Liverpool technology in the whole world.

The AW3 Laser hair removal Liverpool system achieves extraordinary results which cannot be achieved with conventional laser hair removal systems.

  • AW3 is recognised internationally as the leading provider of hair removal lasers and light systems. They have been proven to be safe and effective in clinical trials.
  • With a wide variety of medically certified laser hair removal machines, AW3 represents superior engineering and technology that offers the best laser hair removal results.
  • AW3 laser hair removal systems can be used to treat a wide range of unwanted hair. They are suitable to be used on all types of skin.

Faith Laser Liverpool Laser Hair Removal

Faith Laser can help you with laser hair removal Liverpool using the advanced Triplicity wavelength technology, combined with the Crystal Freeze cooling system in our AW3 Schnelle machine. We offer comfortable, super-fast treatments. We are the Liverpool laser hair removal professionals and fully qualified specialists. Get in touch with us today on 07544 834277 or 0151 928 6087 to check availability for laser hair removal Liverpoollaser hair removal Southportlaser hair removal Kirkbylaser hair removal Warringtonlaser hair removal Maghulllaser hair removal Litherlandlaser hair removal Crosby and laser hair removal Fazakerley.