Put Laser Hair Removal on your Christmas List

Nobody wants to take off their Christmas stockings and reveal hairy legs! That’s why you should put Laser hair removal on your Christmas list.

Put Laser Hair Removal on your Christmas List

We’re asked lots of questions about Liverpool laser hair removal. One of the most common ones we are asked is “How long does Liverpool laser hair removal take?”

How Long Does A Laser Hair Removal Treatment Take?

It won’t interfere too much with your Christmas shopping: The glass prism in our AW3 applicator (this is what guides the laser light to the skin) measures just 15mm by 50mm, so a relatively large area can be targeted in each flash of laser light. Our system uses the biggest spot size in the market, and it’s the only system which auto flashes without any delay. This means that a full leg laser hair removal treatment takes just 15 to 30 minutes compared with the 90 minutes it often takes elsewhere.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe and Effective?

Our Liverpool laser hair removal system works with a beam of light. The pigment in your skin absorbs it within the hair follicle, damaging it enough to prevent future growth. As the hair growth cycle starts, additional laser hair removal treatments will remove the new hairs. Eventually, you’ll achieve hairlessness.

Remove Unwanted Leg Hair Liverpool

Unwanted hair can sometimes be the result of a medical condition, but it is equally as common for people to wish to remove their hair for cosmetic reasons.  The AW3 Crystal Freeze® hair removal system we use at Faith Laser hair removal is safe and effective method – and proven to remove unwanted hair effectively over the long term.

Faith Laser Hair Removal Specialist

Faith Laser offer you Liverpool laser hair removal with the most advanced Triplicity wavelength technology and Crystal Freeze cooling, so we achieve comfortable, super-fast laser hair removal Liverpool. We are laser hair removal Liverpool professionals and we’re fully qualified specialists in our field. Get in touch today on 07544 834277 or 0151 928 6087 to check availability now for laser hair removal Southportlaser hair removal St Helenslaser hair removal Widnes, laser hair removal Warrington, laser hair removal Crosby and laser hair removal Wirral.